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 Teen Gohan goes super saiyan

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Teen Gohan


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PostSubject: Teen Gohan goes super saiyan   Thu Nov 06, 2008 4:08 pm

It was a beautifull day on Planet Earth. Gohan was training when he felt an high powerlevel coming in his direction. He didn't knew who it could be. It wasn't Vegeta or Gohan. This powerlevel was even Higher. Then he saw five men in the skye. The air became dark and there came allot off wind.

The men landed for Gohan. "So your the saiyan where our boss told about" Gohan was surprised when he heard that. Somebody had send these guys to kill Gohan. But Gohan didn't know why. He was thinking, but he didn't knew who will send some guys to kill him. But it didn't matter for him. "What do you want!!" he yelled to the five men.

"Our boss wants your blood" said a the little one. Gohan starded to laugh. "Stop laughing" yelled the biggest man. "You guys are with five to defeat one man, pathetic" said Gohan. One of the men was mad and attacked Gohan. But the man had no succes. Gohan Avoid the mans attack and countered back with a fist. "We must attack him with five, not alone said the boys" said the little man against the one who attacked Gohan.

The five men surroundered Gohan. There was no way out for Gohan. He must fight to get away. Gohan did a move and attacked the biggest one. He punched him and kicked another man. The two men felt down, but the three others attacked Gohan. Gohan must defend. He could Defend the first punches, but then he got hit and felt down. But he jumped right back up and fired a kamehameha wave to the three men.

The three men fired a wave back. The three waves where stronger then Gohan's kamehameha wave. Gohan slighted to the right for avoiding the wave. "So you guys are strong togethern but alone your nothing" That was the tactic of Gohan. Tried to fight them alone. But now there back with five. Gohan must do something, but what. He didn't know. He was angry and felt some huge power in him. He charged his power. There was a huge shockwave and the five men flied away. Gohan's aura was changing. It became yellow. His eyes turned to white and his hair gots to spikey. His hair Changed also from colour. His muscles bulked up. He had an evil look.

The five men where surprised. They never saw something like that. Gohan was for the first time in his super saiyan. "Boss, what that" yelled the yellow man. But Gohan hitted him in the face when he turned his face back to Gohan. There came allot of blood out the man his mouth. It was easy for Gohan to finish the man. The four others where scared off Gohan's new power. They wanted to run away. But Gohan didn't let them.

"You leave already" said Gohan. Gohan did after the four men. He killed the three others. Only the little one was left. "Don’t....K..Kill me please" said he. Gohan started to laugh again. The little man started to laugh to. But then fired Gohan a super Kamehameha to the little ones stomach. The little man felt down and said his last words "Our boss....Sacto will take his revanche" Then he pasted away.

Sacto was an old enemy off Gohan. He had fought him several times in the past. He couldn't defeat Gohan. Gohan was always to strong for him, no matter what he did. So on one day Gohan will meet his old enemy. And that day was today. Gohan saw a spaceship laning on Earth couple miles away from him. He jumped up and went looking who it was.

There was allot of smoke when the ship landed. The door went open and you could see an shadow walking out of it. It was Sacto himself. Then there came more then fifty men after Sacto. Sacto was here with an mission. Kill Gohan an take over Planet Earth.

But not when Gohan lives On planet Earth. He landed in the middle off the men and said "Hi there long time no see" Sacto turned around and saw Gohan standing in the middle off the group. "That was easly, I thought I must destroy some city's before you came to me" he said. Gohan smiled and aslo Sacto. Sacto clapped in his hands. The fifty men attacked Gohan. There where fifteen men above him. Then you could see an yellow flash between the men. Then men flied away. Soma against a tree and some against the rocks. Gohan was changed back in his super saiyan form.

"So you've learned a new trick eh, changing your hair color..........that fun" said Sacto. Gohan was still fighting the fifty men. Gohan succesfully defeated the fifty men in couple off minutes. Sacto knew that Gohan will win from the men. But that easly. Sacto was a little worried. What could he do? Sacto went back in the ship and closed the doors.

Gohan was still outside in his super saiyan form. "I will get you this time" he yelled. Gohan was charging for some energy. Then he fired an super kamehameha wave to the doors off the ship. The doors exploded and there was a big hole. Gohan walked inside the ship. Someone attacked him from a dark corner. He hitted Gohan. But it was so weak that he didn't felt it. Gohan killed the guy and walked further. Adventually he came to Sacto's room. The doors where closed and locked. Gohan could do one thing. Blow up the space ship. Sacto will come out off it when its going to blow.

Gohan walked back out off the ship. Charged for his strongest attack. Then he fired it to the spaceship. The spaceship was exploding. There was allot off smoke. Then there was another explosion. This time the ship was busted. There was allot off fire and smoke. You could see an shadow out off the smoke. It was sacto again. He was walking to Gohan.

"I want to show you something" he said. Sacto was charging for energy. He was transforming to. Sacto was an icer in his second transformation. Now he was transforming to his thirde form. The ugly form. His head and shoulders became long. His muscles bulked up. Then the transformation was over. A super saiyan and an thride form icer stood over eachother.

This was an fight for Honor and Earth. Gohan had defeated sacto allot. So Sacto wanted to take a revenche. He dashed to Gohan and kicked him several times. Gohan was hit and felt over. He stodd back up and did the same by Sacto. Sacto was hitted to. Everything was eqaul in the begin off the fight.

There where fighting for thrity minutes. The both warriors became tierd. Sacto more then Gohan. Now was the time to use his ultimate move against Sacto. Gohan kicked sacto away and charged for energy. Then his hands became blue. Then he fired an huge solar kamehameha. Sacto had lost allot off energy in the fight. He couldn't avoid this huge wave and he got hit by it. Sacto was defeated for always. He could never return again.

Gohan changed back to his normal form. Then he fell down. He had used allot off energy to. When he woke up, he was still on the battlefield. He went home and told everyone what happend. That he could change into a super saiyan and that he foughted against his old enemy Sacto.
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King Shane

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PostSubject: Re: Teen Gohan goes super saiyan   Thu Nov 06, 2008 4:09 pm

ok 5x and you get the form
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Teen Gohan goes super saiyan
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