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 Freza ill finsh later

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PostSubject: Freza ill finsh later   Thu Nov 06, 2008 5:19 pm

AIM: (option)

E_mail: (needed)

Name of Character:



Hair Color:

Eye Color:



Allegiance: ((Good, Neutral or Evil.))

Race: ((what is your character))

power level:5000
hp:(check race page)
Ki:(check race page)
Str:(check Race page)
Moves:(well learn later in game)

race rank: 1st/prince

Rp sample:(optional 500 pl will be added to character) 100 words

money: 1000 Zenie

Picture: ((A picture is not required; but feel free to use one if you'd like. Even if you do use a picture, you still have to fill out the above entries. Also, if you put a picture up, make sure it's centered.))
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Freza ill finsh later
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