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 Serlur, the Prodigy

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PostSubject: Serlur, the Prodigy   Thu Dec 04, 2008 3:27 pm

AIM: (option)


Name of Character: Serlur


Weight: 287

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black


Age: 24



power level:5,000
Moves:(well learn later in game)

race rank: I'm cousin of Shane which makes me Royal which means i should be 1st

Rp sample: Born as a saiyan baby with a power level of 10,000 Serlur was a child of the great saiyan King Vegeta. He was much more powerful than other saiyan children considering that his power level was 10,000 when he was born. Through the years he learned to harness these powers, but not for good. At the age of 12 he started invading planets because his power level had now reached 60,000. But at the Planet he was invading there was something he didn't know. Androids. In oozaru form Serlur went crazy. He would step on 12 story buildings; being taller than most saiyans, and he would blast everyone. But one bad thing happened an a group of androids caught hold of his tail and drained his energy until it was 5,000. But Serlur was able to finish the androids off. On the way home he noticed that his power level had decreased but he wasn't worried. But at home his father was. So Serlur was sent to a school to recieve training that would increase his power 10 fold. Here is where he learned more skills of fighting and killing. From then on he graduated at the age of 17 and had grown in hieght to an atonishing 6,4. From then on he continued to invade planets and soforth.

The end.

money: 1000 Zenie

Picture: Look at my Profile picture
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Serlur, the Prodigy
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