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 Item Shop!

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PostSubject: Item Shop!   Wed Oct 22, 2008 5:55 pm

Here can you buy items for in battles or for trainings:

-1 Sensu bean: You will tottaly recover(max 5)
cost: 250 zenni

-Dragon radar: You will find the dragonball easier. (Minus 2 paragrapghs)
cost: 500 Zenni

Beginner weighted cloths: Heavy clothes for training(+5 all stats)(hp,ki,str)(max 1)
cost:300 zenni

-Weighted clothes: Heavy clothes for training (+ 10 all stats (hp, ki, str)) (Max 1)
cost: 600 zenni

Cheap Weighted clothes: Heavy clothes for training(+15 all stats)(hp,ki,str)(max 1)
cost:650 zenni

Average weighted clothes: Heavy clothes for training(+20 all stats)(hp,ki,str)(max 1)
cost: 750 zenni

Warrior Weighted clothes: Heavy clothes for training(+35 all stats)(,str)(max 1)
cost: 1300 zenni

Elite Weighted clothes: Heavy clothes for training(+50 all stats)(hp,ki,str)(max 1)
cost: 1800 zenni

Legendary Weighted clothes: Heavy clothes for training(+400 all stats)(hp,ki,str)(max 1)
cost: 6000 zenni

-Gravity room 1: Gravity room goes to 20x (admin gives the bonus)
cost: 3000 zenni

-Gravity room 2: Gravity room goes to 40x (admin gives the bonus)
cost: 4000 zenni

-Gravity room 3: Gravity room goes to 80x (admin gives the bonus)
cost: 8000 zenni

-Gravity room 4: Gravity room goes to 150x (admin gives the bonus)
cost: 12.000 zenni

-Saiyan space pod: A liitle ball ship for one person
cost: 800 zenni

-Namekian space ship: A space ship for 5 persons
cost: 1600 zenni

-Capsule corp space ship: A space ship for 5 persons with gravity room (max 10x).
cost: 35000 zenni

-Changeling space ship: A space ship for 15 persons
- cost: 4000 zenni

-Fusion rings:rings that fuse you and a partner not permeanet
-cost: 10000
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Item Shop!
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