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 Frieza's Application form

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PostSubject: Frieza's Application form   Sat Oct 25, 2008 6:40 pm


Name of Character: Frieza

Height: about 4ft

Weight: Not much... not very good at estimating

Hair Color: None

Eye Color: Red

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Allegiance: Evil

Race: Changeling

Power Level: 5000

Race Rank: Prince / Co-Leader

Rp sample:
Frieza sat firm in his hover chair as his men waited anxiously by his side. They knew Yusogh was in for it. No man, or woman for that matter, can defy Lord Frieza. His iron grip over his race has lasted for centuries, and he was not about to let that fluctuate because of one measly Hamedein. Frieza began making small balls of bright red energy, making each one disappear before it got too big. He chuckled throughout this little teasing process, and didn’t take a moment to stop as the blast doors were force open for Yusogh. Frieza’s men got up to leave, but their leader ensured them that it was in their best interest to stay put with a much larger ball of energy than before, this time the size of his head, coupled with a sinister grunt and frown.

Yusogh could only tremble in terror before Lord Frieza’s might, lowering himself to his knees without looking at Frieza. He tried to talk, but his mouth simply wouldn’t move. As he held his head to the floor, he heard a large thud on the ground. He looked up inquisitively, only to find Lord Frieza stood up, directly in front of him, grinding his teeth firmly. Yusogh lowered his head once more in frightening anticipation. Frieza outstretched his right hand and grabbed Yusogh’s light purple scouter. As he spat in Yusogh’s face, Frieza crushed the scouter furiously, now outstretching his left arm, his finger pointing at Yusogh’s head. Without another word, Frieza squinted his eyes aggressively and shot a single red beam through the Hamedein’s head, splitting open his brain as blood poured from his corpse. Frieza simply gave his other men a stern look, and each of them replied with a careful gasp. He smirked in satisfaction as the changeling walked back to his chair, a few men rushing and fidgeting to remove the carcass before Frieza sat down.

Money: One gazillion million trillion zenni XD Or whatever you decide lol
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King Shane

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PostSubject: Re: Frieza's Application form   Sun Oct 26, 2008 8:44 am

okay your in and add the 500 pl to your pl and we havent decided dthe starting monay yet
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Frieza's Application form
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