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 Future Gohan

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Teen Gohan


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Age : 28
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Special Moves : Kamehameha, Masenko
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PostSubject: Future Gohan   Mon Oct 27, 2008 3:42 pm

AIM: SBardock


Name of Character: Future Gohan

Height: 1m80

Weight: 80kg

Hair Color: black

Eye Color: black

Gender: male

Age: 24

Allegiance: Good

Race: half saiyan

power level: 5500
Moves:(well learn later in game)

race rank: ??

Rp sample:(optional 500 pl will be added to character) 100 words:

Goten walks the trainings room in after his nap. He goes sitting. He closes his eyes. There is a mountain in front of him. Your hear that Goten is powering up. If you watch the mountain, you see him moving. Goten stands up but still closes his eyes. The mountain gets higher and higher. Then he opens his eyes. The big mountain falls down. Goten rather some power and sends his kamehameha wave. The mountain is broken in several of pieces. Goten jumped up and hit the pieces with his fist and feeds. He trains his speed and power with this exercise.
There is no stone left. Only dust. Goten comes down and looks for another mountain, but only bigger.

After a minute or two. He stands for a bigger mountain. This mountain is twice so big as the first one. Goten goes sit again and closes his eyes. This time its more difficult to move the mountain. But he gets the mountain inn the sky after some minutes. When the mountain is high enough, he powered himself up and opens his eyes again. He fires a Kamehameha wave again. The mountain split in thousand of pieces. He jumps in the air and start over. But this time the pieces are bigger. He punches some pieces and flies around between the pieces. He sends some ki blast, so some pieces explode. But the most part of it, he uses his hands and feeds. One piece hits the ground. Goten was very angry for that little piece.

He looked for another mountain and found one to. He stands right in the front of it. He powered up to his full power and with that power he raised the mountain. He throws it in the air and flies after it. He shoot thousand of ki blasts. The mountain breaks. He is faster than ever. He can take all the pieces down. He comes on the ground and take some breath. That exercise has taken a lot of his energy. But he can walk and run.

After that exercise, he goes running for 50miles. It takes a lot of time but he runs it.
When he finishes his running, he does take some weights.
He also did some push ups and sit ups.
Now the day is over and goes to his sleeping place. He came there and take some good nap

money: 1000 Zenie

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Mystic Gohan

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Pl : 10,500
Hp : 3360
Str : 3560
Ki : 3460
Special Moves : Masenko-ha, Kameameha,Final Explosion,Majin Power
Transformations : Oozaro, Fake super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 1. Majin Super Saiyan
Zeni : 10800
Allegiance :
60 / 10060 / 100

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PostSubject: Re: Future Gohan   Mon Oct 27, 2008 4:00 pm

lol Wow big pic! Very Happy anyway its good. your race rank is 3rd and your moves are kick,punch,and ki blast

you can add ur extra 500pl points
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Future Gohan
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