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 Gohan pushes his limits... The golden power returns! ( a story train)

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PostSubject: Gohan pushes his limits... The golden power returns! ( a story train)   Tue Oct 28, 2008 7:13 am

Having gone through a life changing experience during his last battle Gohan planned to find out exactly what happened to him during the fight... He knew that the transformation had to do with his saiyan heritage, but what exactly was the surge of power he felt? Gohan went back to deep isolation within the mountains, as he wanted to unlock the secret... Gohan began his meditation training, he sat for a full 12 hours in deep concentration, training his mind... He looked deep inside himself to uncover the deep rooted memories of his ancestors. Gohan rose back to his feet as he thought he had discovered something at his very core, somewhere in his memories he had dug up an old legend... " The Super Saiyan Legend!" It told of a great legendary hero, that was said to posess overwhelming power... It also spoke of how when a saiyan experienced a sence of loss, or brute anger they would awaken. Gohan knew this was what had happened to him, his saiyan blood began to burn with curiosity... He got up and lept into action, powering up to the max Gohan began to lunge himself at the mountain... Scoring blow after blow against it he crumbled it to dust! Suddenly, Gohan senced a terrible evil presence lurking close by... He locked into it just when a power packed beam of negative energy came crashing down from the heavens, the blast was extremely powerful and just got Gohan in the shoulder sending painful shockwaves through his body! A voice echoed out from directly above, " Hmm, Hmm, Hmm... Foolish boy why don't you just keel over and die!" As Gohan directed his eyes upward he saw a lizard like creature starring down upon his peaceful planet.... A Changeling! Gohan questioned the monster with a grimous of pain, "What are you? And what do you... Graagh! Want with this planet?" However, the changeling seemed to arrogant as he didn't even reply to Gohan... Gohan could sense that this creature was far more powerful than himself, and with only one arm what could he do? As Gohan, unsatisfied with the changeling's attitude, got into battle position he was greeted by a dozen quick, and deadly kicks to his ribs! Blood spurt out from Gohan's lips and sprayed on the changeling, with a satisfying grin on his face he licked it clean! Gohan's saiyan blood was already beginning to boil, this changeling really was arrogant!! Continuing his assault he kept bringing the pain scoring blow, after blow on Gohan's ribs until he collapsed in aggony... Tormenting visions came to Gohan, he saw the pure power, and potential havoc this creature could cause to the universe, he began to see death and pure destruction everywhere he could look! That was when Gohan knew... this monster had to be stopped right now! Gohan had awoken once again... Seeing these visions was too much for Gohan to handle, with a powerful roar Gohan rose to his feet, " Graaaghhhh!!!!" Gohan's power began to build, his aura changed from a whitish colour, to a powerful royal blue, and finally to an all-powerful gold! His power continued to surge, and the changeling could only watch in horror as Gohan rose to his feet once again, ready to put the sinister lizard to rest! " Changling!!! You have caused me soo much harm already! I won't take it anymore!!!!" Gohan vanished from the Changeling's sight, and quickly popped up infront with a look of pure concentration inside... His eyes began to burn with power as he launched a wave of extremely powerful attacks against the monster... Sending it to it's knee's! The changeling tried to get back to his feet, blood spewing from his mouth, then he spoke... " You want to know my name?!?" He said while rising to the air... Gohan watched as the villain began to place all his power in one finger... " My name is ICECOLD! The emperor of the changelings!" With his last words said he created a ball 5 times the size of Earth with all the strength he could muster! Clearly Gohan had pushed him to far, and shattered his pride... ICECOLD launched the ball with no hesitation as it loomed closer and closer to Gohan on the planet's surface! Gohan only had one arm that was useable... but that was all he needed! Gohan concentrated his power into a blast, " KAAA-MEEE-HAAA-MEEE-HAA!!!" The blast Gohan fired was quite large... but, it was engulfed by tha massive ball! Gohan was out of ideas when suddenly... Gohan could hear the voices of terror ring out from across the world, he knew he had to stop the ball... not just for himself, but for everyone! The ball was just seconds from touch down... Gohan's anger towards the beast, and his pride caused his power to swell to even greater hieghts... As Gohan's power reached it's pinnacle the earth began to crack beneath his feet, " Right... lets do this changeling! Superrrrrrr KAAA-MEEE-HAA-MEE-HAA!!!!!!!!" The blast that was fired was even larger than the changeling's ball, it engulfed it whole and as the blast quickly came closer to the changeling it watched in horror as ICECOLD was wiped from existence! As the dark energy faded Gohan collapsed to the ground in exhaustion, the golden aura had faded, but Gohan was stronger than ever! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Gohan pushes his limits... The golden power returns! ( a story train)   Tue Oct 28, 2008 1:19 pm

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Gohan pushes his limits... The golden power returns! ( a story train)
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