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 Ranking System

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PostSubject: Ranking System   Tue Oct 28, 2008 4:43 pm

Head Ranks

Lord(s) of Frieza - Frieza

Second in Command - Position Open

Planetary Operations Officer - Position Open

Military Operations Officer - Position Open

CIF General - Position Open

Troop Teams

Frieza's Personal Guard (Accompany Frieza on his personal missions and keep a close eye on his throne room):

CIF Secret Forces (Trained in espionage and covert warfare):

Special Squad (Frieza's SS, The best attacking forced in Frieza's army known to his enemies):

Other Ranks

Elite Troops:

Advanced Troops:


Lower-Level Troops:



Everybody must enter as a trainee unless otherwise stated by Lord Frieza. From trainee you can become a recruit pretty much instantly, you will only need to perform one simple task for Frieza. Other ranks will be assigned depending on completion of tasks, loyalty to Frieza, and quality of completion of assignments.

As you move up in rank Frieza will assign you more dangerous missions, putting his trust in you. Clearly, if you complete a mission of greater importance and danger, Frieza will be more impressed by your actions. Occasionally, lower ranks will be given more dangerous missions, but only if Frieza sees fit. Take all of your tasks seriously and you will eventually become anything you want.
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Ranking System
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