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PostSubject: Vegeta   Tue Oct 28, 2008 6:12 pm

AIM: (option) Cottle88

E_mail: (needed)

Name of Character: Vegeta

Height: 6ft

Weight: 78kg

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Allegiance: ((Good, Neutral or Evil.)) Neutral

Race: ((what is your character)) Saiyan

power level:(chek race page) 5000
hp:(check race page) 150
Ki:(check race page) 300
Str:(check Race page) 150
Moves:(well learn later in game)

race rank:

Rp sample:(optional 500 pl will be added to character) 100 words:
The lines at the Super Market were almost enough to make Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans go crazy. First that damn Namek tricks me into doing his grocery shopping, and now I'm stuck waiting in these blasted lines for hours. The woman in front of him had a young child seated in their cart while she was busy reading the latest celebrity gossip. The child was examining Vegeta with a confused look on his face. Vegeta sneered and began returning the Childs look, until the boy stuck his tongue out at him. He growled and tapped the child's mother's shoulder with his finger, "excuse me miss but your child can't seem to keep his tongue inside his mouth." He said sarcastically.

The women let out a sigh before closing her magazine over her index finger to hold her place, she turned to face Vegeta and looked at him as if she was examining something that brought her great discomfort. He smiled up at her trying to refrain from ripping both of their heads completely off their bodies and throwing them at the cashier. She took a few seconds to look him over and than replied, "well you're a big boy you can handle it I'm sure." She smiled without letting it touch her face and went back to reading her magazine, scratching her sons head affectionately.

"On Vegeta, the kid would have been killed before he could have even walked. Humans are such a despicable race, much like rats." The Prince growled under his breath. He looked back at the people standing behind him in line and scowled daring one of them to comment on the matter. No one returned his gaze and he went back to looking at his own cart.

The women must have overheard him muttering something because when he turned back to face his cart she was looking at him with her arms folded across her chest. This time she had placed her magazine in her sons lap, whatever she had to say to him was obviously important enough to stop reading the celeb gossip all together. "Listen here shrimp, if you've got something to say than why don't you come on out and say it to my face, instead of muttering it under your breath like some kind of a coward." The last bit came out in a shout and now everyone who could see the verbal assault was watching him intently. The whole while her son sat smiling like a mad man at Vegeta, he thought it was the funniest thing in the world her mommy getting mad at someone for him being a brat.

Vegeta began to raise a hand to blast the woman and her son into the next dimension, until Kami's big green face popped into his mind, remember Vegeta, not all humans are warriors like Saiyans, you cannot go around killing innocent people and expect to keep your honor. "Damn old man," he muttered. Vegeta looked back at the lady coldly, "all I said was I think I forgot milk and that the line was too damned long to go and get some." He took a deep breath and tried to calm down as he gripped the handles to his cart until he could feel the metal begin to fold under his fingers.

The woman sniffed loudly to show just what she thought of Vegeta and looked down at her smiling son, "please do not use that word in front of my little angel, I don't want him growing up to be a barbarian like you." She patted her sons head softly smiling down at him and then returned to a blank stare directed at Vegeta.

He muttered an apology and did not take his eyes from his cart until it was his turn to be checked out. When the cashier finished ringing him up and bagging his groceries he piled them into his cart and began to leave. "Excuse me, sir? You still have to pay for all that, please." another employee over heard the call and saw Vegeta trying to exit and ran over to help.

"What? No Kami said to put this all on his tab, he said he'd pay for it later. I'm not paying for this, it isn't even for me."

"Well, than sir, I'm afraid you can't leave the store without paying for these things, we don't have on going tabs here. I've never even met anyone by the name of, Kami." The other employee who had come to help now rested both hands on Vegeta's cart trying to hold him from leaving.

"Fine, how much does it all come out to?"

"One-hundred and fifty zeni sir. would that be cash, credit or debit?"

Vegeta, pulled out his wallet and handed the cashier his card, "debit, please." she completed the transaction and handed his card back to him wishing him to have a beautiful day, and then dismissed him from her mind completely, asking for the next person in line. Vegeta walked his cart outside grabbed the bags all into one hand and flew off heading back to the Look Out thinking of the million good reasons he had to kill Kami.

money: 1000 Zenie

Picture: ((A picture is not required; but feel free to use one if you'd like. Even if you do use a picture, you still have to fill out the above entries. Also, if you put a picture up, make sure it's centered.))
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PostSubject: Re: Vegeta   Tue Oct 28, 2008 6:15 pm

okay your in and your rank is 1
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