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 Gohan trains in the hyperbolic time chamber! Full super saiyan achieved!

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PostSubject: Gohan trains in the hyperbolic time chamber! Full super saiyan achieved!   Wed Oct 29, 2008 5:38 pm

Gohan went up to Kami's lookout for some intence training... He had learned from Piccolo that their was a special chamber located at the top where he could get a years worth of training in a day! Gohan rushed to the scene with his newly gained powers, he questioned Kami on his room and quickly learned that what Piccolo said was true, he launched himself into the room and noticed that the space was completely empty! Gohan began to pant, " Whoa! I'm short of breathe, and this gravity is killing me!" Despite his complaining Gohan got into action... He could feel that an evil power was loomoing close by and he wanted to get as strong as he could to face it! Gohan attached his training wieghts on and noticed that they were much heavier in the room... After many hours of hard work Gohan's muscles had already bulked up, and he was becoming a man! Suddenly, a dark looming energy filled the chamber... A black aura filled Gohan's mind with anger, as he turned around he was greeted by the tyrant Frieza! Gohan shouted at the ugly lizard, " Frieza! I thought you were killed by my dad on Namek?" Frieza looked at Gohan with a look of deadly hatred, He lunged at the young warrior scoring blow after bloody blow! He finally answered the young fighter, " Hmm hmm hmmm, your father was an insect he never could defeat me! I took the matter of killing him personally!" Gohan's heart sank... He was taken over by deep emotions for the love of his father! " Friezaaaaa!!!!!!!! You took my daddy away from me! I'll never let you hurt another person ever again!" Suddenly Gohan didn't care that Frieza was the most powerful monster the universe had ever known, he only had one goal... avenge his father! Spurred on by his father's goal to rid the universe of the evil once and for all Gohan began to change! His aura began to spark and changed to gold once again... However, this time his body was also changed! His eyes changed colour, and his hair actually changed to gold, as he peaked to max power the aura disappeared... Gohan, with a look of dead concentration lunged himself at Frieza, his power shooting off the charts... Gohan's technique was flawless as he lunged at the villain, scoring blow after blow to every part of the lizard... Eventually Frieza dropped in pure aggony! With nothing left to say to the villain Gohan powered up a kamehameha and blew the tyrant to dust! His father's wish realized, Gohan left the chamber shining in the dazzling power of the super saiyan! He was the greatest fighter in the universe!

( This is my transformation story to go super saiyan shane Smile )
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King Shane

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PostSubject: Re: Gohan trains in the hyperbolic time chamber! Full super saiyan achieved!   Wed Oct 29, 2008 5:39 pm

ok you get it
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Gohan trains in the hyperbolic time chamber! Full super saiyan achieved!
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