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 Gohan master's super saiyan in the hbtc

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PostSubject: Gohan master's super saiyan in the hbtc   Wed Oct 29, 2008 5:57 pm

Having defeated the scummy lizard tyrant cell Gohan returns to the hyperbolic time chamber with some unfinished business... He had just learned from a boy from the future that tomorrow 3 killer androids would be released upon the world with only one goal in mind... Destroy the planet! Gohan reentered the chamber with pure dedication in his eyes! As he began his training he decided that it would be even more rigorous if he tried to remain in his super saiyan state. As he powered up he quickly was winded, but this didn't faze him at all in a quick few seconds he began to launch himself around the room at blinding speeds! Then he began to fire off huge ki blasts that did quite a number on the room... Suddenly the temperature began to rise and huge flames burst from the ground! The flames ingulfed Gohan, and burned him steadily, the pain was excrutiating! Suddenly Gohan's aura began to glow... he had enough of this little game, in a burst of pure power Gohan knocked the flames back, as he began to chant, " KAAA-MEEE-HAAA-MEEE-HAAA!!!!!" The blast Gohan created completely eradicated the flames... Then the temperature took a drastic change again, suddenly, giant iceicles spurt out from the ground! Gohan dodged these with ease until the mother of all ice chunks came flying towards him... He powered up his power to the max and shouted with much more power than before, " SUPERRRR KAAA-MEEE-HAAA-MEEE-HAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!" The blast completely annhilated the ice and Gohan laid there exhausted... But, as he looked in a puddle he had created he remained in his super saiyan form! Gohan had really done something special on this day... and tomorrow he would eliminate the threat of the androids!

( This is my transformation story for the mastered super saiyan form Shane Very Happy )
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King Shane

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PostSubject: Re: Gohan master's super saiyan in the hbtc   Wed Oct 29, 2008 6:03 pm

you get it
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Gohan master's super saiyan in the hbtc
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